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Traveling with the NEX (What's in your bag?)
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 6:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My everyday kit:

Fuji X-E1
Voigtlnder Super-Wide Heliar 4.5/15
Fujinon 2.8-4/18-55 OIS
Fujinon 1.4/35
Jupiter-3 1.5/50 (only sometimes!)
Voigtlnder Color-Heliar 2.5/75

Nikon1 V1
1Nikkor 10-30
1Nikkor 30-110
1Nikkor 1.8/18.5

All that fits into a tiny Kalahari bag.

On a holiday I would add:

Canon EOS 5D
Sigma EX 15-30
Sigma EX 1.8/24
and probably a tele lens.

Canon G3 Infrared mod

Perhaps my M8 and the Voigtlnder Ultron 2/28, depends on where I go,
because with those items I can do things I cannot do with the "daily" kit.

If the coming Fujinon 4/10-24 is not too expensive, I will buy that one as well and then even the 5D might stay at home. Shocked