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testing ROLLEI RETRO 400S with 50mm f1.9 Auto-Chinon
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2023 11:37 am    Post subject: testing ROLLEI RETRO 400S with 50mm f1.9 Auto-Chinon Reply with quote

i was sent some film including a 36exp ROLLEI RETRO 400S so i gave my Mint CHINON CG-5+50mm f1.9 Auto-Chinon an outing to do 'Landscape' with some filters as i found out that film is really 'AVIPHOT' aerial survey film and contrasty. A first short length in the garden confirmed, lack of shadow detail and dense highlights with my Home-Made FX-37 diluted 1+9 which gives good results with slow EFKE KB40 . So i loaded again and went out with some Yellow and Red filters and mixed up the 2-Bath 'DIAFINE' to a formula I had tucked away in my book and gave 5 mins in each bath A and B and got good negs.