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[SOLD] Techart LM-EA9 Autofocus Adapter Leica M to Sony E
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2022 2:35 pm    Post subject: [SOLD] Techart LM-EA9 Autofocus Adapter Leica M to Sony E Reply with quote

This is the new version II, not the older LM-EA7 model. It is a fun piece of equipment that adds autofocus capabilities to manual focus lenses by using 4 radially mounted servos to provide focus travel. I have a collection of vintage manual focus glass and this pairs well with all of them. It is designed to operate on Sony cameras (APS-C or full frame) with phase detection AF and in-body stabilization. I used it with an A7ii and it works wonderfully (despite the A7ii being a bit long in the tooth). Natively it adapts to Leica M lenses, but other adapters can be stacked to use glass with a variety of mounts. Mine came with a small scrape on the storage cap, but is otherwise like new. I'd recommend reading reviews and specs on it to get more familiar with its capabilities, limitations, etc.

I've had it for about a month and had lots of plans for it, but projects and medical bills abound. On a related note, if you think you have appendicitis - go get yourself checked.

Usually goes for $400 and it's out of stock most places stateside. Mine is like new for $350 and comes with a Leica M to EF adapter, EF to M42 screw mount adapter, and EF to C-mount adapter. That'll let you use Leica M, EF, M42, and C-mount lenses as a start. No tax, no shipping charges, no Paypal fees. I have not sold on here before but I do sell a lot of astronomy/astrophotography items under this same handle on Cloudy Nights.