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Polaroid X530 (Foveon X3) - RAW Samples Sigma Photo Pro
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:55 pm    Post subject: Polaroid X530 (Foveon X3) - RAW Samples Sigma Photo Pro Reply with quote

Camera has JPG format, but unfortunately the quality of such images is terrible. The best option is to save in RAW format and call them in SIGMA Photo Pro (I used SPP 5.5).
The sensor has a great dynamic range. Typical for Foveon. And as usual with this sensor, black and white photos look great.

All ISO 100 except the locomotive image that was at ISO 400.
Photos 3,7,22,26 - max optical zoom (3x).






























PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cool! I didn't know this model, so i googled a bit. Apparently it was sold with a Ricoh lens, including the Ricoh print on the lens surroundings. ( https://tweakers.net/nieuws/30973/polaroid-introduceert-x530-camera-met-foveon-x3-sensor.html)

I'm currently playing around with old digital systems as well, just to see what they still can do and how spoiled we are today. Interesting is to see how fast the pace of technology is. Incredible.

Because i am a bit biased towards Minolta and Canon i recently bought a Minolta Dimage F200, the RD-3000 and a Dynax 7D (which is still a really great camera!!) and a Canon Ixus 900Ti.

The Foveon sensor always intrigued me, i almost bought one of the DP series cameras last year. I do have a Sigma SD10, i use it sometimes without the hotfilter for some IR shooting, just for fun, but these things are awfully slow....... not really a camera i'd take with me on a daytrip.

Maybe i should try and shoot some b/w with it...... Wink