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Happy New Year AND HOW!
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:53 pm    Post subject: Happy New Year AND HOW! Reply with quote


Happy New Year AND HOW!

This is from a 1937 Camera Craft magazine, an article on how to make greeting cards. So a couple of nuts right? Maybe, but Fred Archer is much more:

Fred R. Archer (1889 – April 27, 1963), was an American photographer who collaborated with Ansel Adams to create the Zone System. He was a portrait photographer, specializing early in his career in portraits of Hollywood movie stars. He was associated with the artistic trend in photography known as pictorialism. He later became a photography teacher, and ran his own photography school for many years.

Along with Edward Weston, whose portrait he took, Archer was known as one of the "two big names in art photography in those days out on the west coast".[1] He socialized with and exchanged ideas with many other artists and intellectuals in Los Angeles for decades. He was "without a doubt, the individual with the longest history of participation in the Southern California Salon movement."[2]

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Happy New Year!!

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