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Handy Extension Bracket for the NEX 7
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:59 am    Post subject: Handy Extension Bracket for the NEX 7 Reply with quote

If you have largish hands, like I do, and you find your NEX 7 to be a bit cramped because it is so small, this bracket might be of interest to you.

I saw a brief article on this L-bracket somewhere on the net and then a couple of days later, I ran across a copy on eBay. Made by Neewer, who also makes lens mount adapters for the NEX and I presume others, it is machined from an aluminum billet in two pieces. The "L" portion provides a bracket for vertically oriented shots. It is convenient if you're using an Arca Swiss tripod head, otherwise it doesn't do much besides offering side impact protection. Same goes for the base. It has the typical 1/4"-20 mounting threading, centered in the bracket, but it also has beveled edges, designed I'm guessing for the Arca Swiss tripod mount. I don't own any Arca Swiss gear, so I can't speak to it directly.

But what I like most about this bracket is it adds a modest amount of extension to a rather short camera. I have largish hands, so having the added extension provides some additional comfort for me. Despite its depth, it is designed so one can access all the controls and the battery compartment without having to remove it. Even when I needed to tilt the display screen downward, I found that I could do so without interference from the bracket.

The L bracket comes with two allen screws and aa allen wrench used to tighten the bracket base to the body and the vertical extension to the bracket. It is priced very reasonably. I paid $10US for it with free shipping to a US address -- bought it from the eBay seller lucas_tran, who has 100% positive feedbacks.

Following are a few photos I took of the L bracket mounted to my NEX 7. I wonder if it will also work on the NEX 6 and a6000?