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Canon EOS 6D and manual lenses
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I tried the following lenses on eos 6D

CZJ pancolar 1,8/50 first zebra series #85... it works at infinity

CZJ prakticar 1,4/50 MC first series does not work at infinity (up to 10m is ok)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

gi0rgi0ba wrote:
I tried the following lenses on eos 6D

CZJ pancolar 1,8/50 first zebra series #85... it works at infinity

CZJ prakticar 1,4/50 MC first series does not work at infinity (up to 10m is ok)

after some works, the CZJ prakticar 1,4/50 MC first series works fine (to infinty) on EOS 6D Mark II if you smooth away 0,3mm the rear retaining ring.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2023 5:21 pm    Post subject: Problem is shorter Leitax-Adapter to reach infinity Reply with quote

aly324 wrote:
ManualFocus-G wrote:
Try a better quality adapter, the 50/1.4 AE should work fine.

I tried both Leitax and Fotodiox adapters on my 50/1.4 AEG, and it still hit the 6D mirror. Or rather I should say the mirror wouldn't flip back down until I unmounted the lens.

I just tested my 28/2 AEG again. Near infinity, the lens also blocks the mirror.

Is it just my 6D?

as we know now and lens-makers confirmed. had deep call with zeiss. newer zeiss are all shorter. batis and the others incl. voigtländer/Zeiss. old lenses made for film do not reach infinity. they are made for IR-sensitive film which sensors are not. YT full of instructions for workarounds adjusting lenses. i wouldnt do. someone stating 3miles is infinity... i must cry out about this stupidity. some long old lenses go beyond infinity like noflexar 200/3.8 followfocus and system B, C and D with adjusting screws. with the help of this 200 i found out my other 200mm not reaching perfectly 7.8km. adapter problem most likely. collimation not yet done. 300mm must be tested.must get zeiss 300/4
Leitax confirmed new mounts are made shorter. he confirmed that. but we didnt speak about mirrorproblem with AEG/J lenses. why should i use them if mirror is hit. rather buy MM-lenses.
The only C/Y-EOS adapter working with all lenses was made by DSRLEXchange Jorge Torralba. its the only one holding lenses with screw. plus rotation-stopper. BUT: INNFINITY NONREACHED. when i have all screws for the last 4 he sent m i will test since i am in testing anyway. will report til spring mai latest. he added some sort of plastic graft on the lens-locker screw. but constant lens-change removed all of them. screws with perfectly sitting nylon-tip the solution. have found uk-seller, the one here wanting 4 chf/piece crazy! there is also schraubenking in austria but didnt check for availability. asa i have bought and used i will come back and show or report.
I am testing lenses for infinity. see other thread and pentaxforums. 2.7 -7.8km target here, and inbetween, must checkout distances with gps map ruler app android.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2023 12:56 pm    Post subject: C/Y-lenses working/nonworking on FF EOS DSRL-Leitax mounts Reply with quote

maybe someone can extract the lenses which will never work otherwise we will see endlesss repetition of people trying these mount or whatever adapter.
nonworking here:
he once had a pc-distagon 35/2.8 mount for sony A.

DSLRExchange (out of production) adapter by Jorge Torralba is working on all C/Y lenses. DOES NOT REACH INFINITY SINCE IS TOO THICK, will check and report one day til which distance.

Mirrorhitting 5D/6D-Template to check. lenses beyond longer than 80mm no problem he says.
filing down lens-protector if needed. instructions

NB: dont forget focus-shift when stopped down. i would check distances with stopped down lenses.
there are adapters or tripod-mounts which are wobbly
NB: best C/Y -Nikon adapter is from PIXCO it is holding lens perfectly.
with long lenses 200, 450, 500 despite wrong register + 1mm or more these lenses reach from 2-3m til near 38m.
viceversa NI-CY a NI-M42 is used plus the known M42-CY. I have a list for both adaptations showing max. distance at infinity.

Endless discussions at fredmiranda also about mirror-shaving. wouldnt do.
The review is a bit old meanwhile there is the Dandelion Lushnikov chip which is the best one. eTTL (no other has), no battery drain, easy programming. optixpbc doesnt exist anymore. he betrayed me i sent back nonworking adapter. highprecision is a joke, its noname socket added. noprecision mounted chip. glueing correctly is a science. i will report here one day. i have made a clear workaround, first one must understand where the chip must sit and which support it needs. actually general seller is inactive due to known reasons. he has YT videos.
read on leitax also about which cam needs pin activated manually and for which one this is integrated into adapter.
there is a bielarus-site which i will not name here since he also betrayed me-me sending broken adapter after asking and not picking it up at customs......there he is showing how to add a pin/lever to activate pin in mirrorbox for cams which have it.
NB: Fotodiox which doesnt want to go into details denies the use of their chipped adapters on AF SRLs. yes its a science and we will have to open a new thread about chipping-procedure. found many hints. not possible to open til spring.