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Servicing Leica Telyt-R 400-560mm/f6,8
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:05 pm    Post subject: Servicing Leica Telyt-R 400-560mm/f6,8 Reply with quote

Just bought these wonderfull lenses. They were in ok condition, but the glass needed to be cleaned and the focusing slide was not running smoothly.
This set is with a Visoflex (M) mountingtube, extensiontube and 2 lensheads.

The 560mm/f6.8 lenshead.

The 400mm/f6.8 lenshead.

The mountingtube with tripodholder.

I lubricated the mountring to get a smooth operation for turning the camera in to vertical or horisontal position.

I had to get a Visoflex(M) to R adapter.

And a Leica R to Eos adapter to mount it on Canon Eos 450D.

Start by unscrewing the lenshood, then you will be able to unscrew the lens.

The lens is very easy to split up in to smaller pieces.

Now you are able to clean the glass on both sides.

The 400mm is done in the same way.

The 560mm has a supportplate on the underside of the lens, it is to help distribute the weight more evenly. It is importent that the small wheel runs without any resistance.

To clean and lubricate it, you have to unscrew the supportplate.

Now you are able to clean and lubricate the wheel.

The inside of the focusing tube, there are 3 "rails" lubricate them too.

Now you can assemble the lensheads and enjoy a smooth operating focusing slide Smile

When fully extended it is something of a monsterlens. Cool

Here you see the camera in a vertical position.

Hope this is helpfull information.