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Pergear 1.8/25mm HD.MC
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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2022 1:29 am    Post subject: Pergear 1.8/25mm HD.MC Reply with quote

I bought a Sony NEX-6 to use my Minolta lenses on, and I wanted a small dedicated E-Mount lens at about 35mm equivalent, something that would be easy to haul around. I read a lot of reviews of the various inexpensive Chinese brands, with a pretty wide range of opinions, from terrible to pretty good. I settled on the Pergear 25mm f1.8 after seeing a close comparison among about five lenses in this range, and bought it on dread Amazon for $60. I have nothing to compare this lens to other than my Rokkor and Nikkor lenses. I'd say that in terms of mid-range distances, it's not bad. Distances nearer to infinity seem to be its soft point, but I didn't really buy it for infinity focus. Its sweet point in terms of aperture seems to be f2.8 -- below and above that, it seems softer, but it could also be me trying to manually focus using focus peaking. This is from about 3-4 feet away at f1.8, about a two-thirds crop.

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