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LucisPictor's Photokina 2010 Report
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:11 am    Post subject: LucisPictor's Photokina 2010 Report Reply with quote

Gentlemen, I am back!

I went to the Photokina today together with a very good friend (and talented photographer). It was ever so nice not to be there on my own. We had a great day and were walking until our feet hurt.

Here is my little report...

The Photokina has not changed a lot since 2008 and still some things were different.

There was some major theme: 3D video - which is kind of fascinating but that interesting for me, really.

Of course I went to the Canon booth in order to play around with some AF lenses that I would not want to afford. The one that has impressed me most was the EF 2/200 L:

At the Samsung booth I tried the NX10:

[img]img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4133/5026454707_e80624e0e5_b.jpg[/img]

and the new NX100:

Very nice, actually! With the NX100 playing with DoF is possible due to the APS sensor.

Olympus has a funny idea to compare the sizes of cams with tele zooms:

And the EP1 works well with a long lens:

Of course, I went to Fuji!

New (!) medium format film cams:

Fuji Medium Format by LucisPictor, on Flickr

and, yes, it's adorable:

But there is no working model yet. Boooh! Sad

At the Sigma booth they were very friendly again. We could try many different lenses.

Panasonic allowed to use your own card in their cams this year. I kind of like the LX5:
Even at ISO1600 quite a decent performer:

Then, we came to Zeiss.

I was eager to try the new Distagon 1.4/35 on my 5D:
Feels great, performs very well, but it's pretty huge and heavy.

As I said, some things were different this year: At the Leica booth they were not at all arrogant, we even could play around with the S2!!

And this shot was taken with the S2 and a 35mm lens (equal. ~ 25mm on 135):

And here you can see an unsharpened 100% crop:

Isn't that amazing?

This S2 is unbelievable. I have never seen such a big and bright viewfinder in cam that resembles an SLR!

We went to other boothes as well. Some of our impressions you can see here in our short Dayblog Video: