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Komura RF M39/LTM Telemore x2 Converter
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PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2015 10:08 pm    Post subject: Komura RF M39/LTM Telemore x2 Converter Reply with quote

Some time ago I've purchased this little converter for little money and today I gave it the first try.
The converter is RF coupled and comes with a special uni finder for FOV from 90 to 270mm on FF.
The original size is 55mm in diameter and 21mm length. It comes with a nice little leather bag for finder and lens.

It looks like this:

The test image was taken with an old Leitz Elmar 135mm/F4 from 1961 at F5.6 with the Komura converter mounted onto my Ricoh GXR-M. So the resulting FOV was like 405mm on FF. The goose was moving, so it wasn't too easy to take a sharp picture with this assembly.
As usual only converted from RAW and no sharpening nor any other PP applied to show the possibilities of such a combination.

Full picture:

100% crop:

Although it's not perfect, I would say that such a combination is able to produce usable pictures. With some PP the result could eventually be optimized. The overall advantage compared to traditional tele lenses is the small size which makes it almost pocketable. The Leica lens is rather heavy for it's size, so in terms of weight there is not that much difference compared to more modern tele lenses.