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Hoya 75-205 f4 zoom- surprise!!!
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks, guys for all the details and pics, but I have way too many lenses already ..... but although I have given up buying FF lenses, unless thay are dirt cheap, it maybe that I will hesitate over the Hoya versions online, now.

All I needed!

Fast lenses have drawbacks and are no longer needed if asa/iso is now so massive in digital cameras. It means we can really explore the older slower lenses.....

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

iangreenhalgh1 wrote:
Don't worry Michael, I am going to post a 'Testing all my Tokinas' thread soon.

It is indeed a useful range, I would like a Vivitar S1 24-48 but those are not that commonly seen for sale and fetch quite hefty prices, I paid 9ukp for this Tokina.

At f4, it's not as fast as the Viv and I doubt the IQ will be as stellar but I have hopes it will be a good one as it will be a useful walkaround lens. It is about the same size as my 28-70 Tokina although I think it's from the early 80s, rather than the late 80s like the 28-70.

I have the S1 24-48, although in Canon FD mount. So far I've just used it with my old Canon FD cameras. At f/3.8, the 24-48 is not really that much different from the f/4 Tokina in terms of maximum aperture. I haven't used mine much, ever since I got my Tamron 24mm, though. I found that I was using the zoom mostly at 24mm, so the Tamron has effectively taken its place. I didn't pay much for mine when I bought it a couple years ago, probably because it was Canon FD and there was no NEX or NX yet and the u4/3 hadn't caught on as big yet. Although, I dunno, a 24-48mm focal range is a yawner at 1.6x or 2x That might be a lot of it. So anyway, I'd say to keep your eyes open. You might fall into a good deal on one.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, given the way any 24mm, regardless of brand or mount attracts loads of bidders and therefore a highish price then a wide zoom looks to be the best option for me without breaking the bank.

That's my beef with 1.5x crop factor cameras like my NEX and EOS 10D - 24s and 28s just ain't wide anymore.

I will eventually find a good 24 at a good price but it might take a while. I did find a mint Ensinor 2.8/24 then stupidly gave it away only to discover it is an amazingly good lens a few weeks later when seeing samples someone else took with their copy. It was in FD so would have needed conversion, hence I gave it away, I paid about 5ukp for it and it was absolutely mint. The other cheap 24 I picked up turned out to be in Fuji X bayonet when it arrived so I gave that one away too.

Ah well, at least my karma is good and others can enjoy them!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have a Vivitar (Cosina) 24/2.8, 1:5 macro that I bought new last year from a shop quitting business for $40. I am quite pleased with this lens. A sample:

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It seems, from looking around the net at samples, that all 24s are at least good, unlike the 28s and 35s of which there are many garbage ones.

I guess I'll have to put up with using my EF-S 18-55 for the time being, plastic piece of junk though it may be, the IS doesn't work, the AF doesn't work and I had to epoxy the mount back on after it fell off.

Why Canon can't make their modern lenses with decent quality plastic or use metal for the important parts like the bayonet mount is beyond me, doesn't matter how good the optics may be, they are contained within utterly hopeless plastic garbage.