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Help ID Film Spools & Auto Winder
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:11 am    Post subject: Help ID Film Spools & Auto Winder Reply with quote

Over the past few months I've picked up a couple of used items at thrift stores related to 35mm film development. I have an un-branded development canister with two chrome film spools inside and an Ilford A80 "Auto Winder", also labeled as a "Spiral Loader". Today I looked at them closely for the first time and realized that 35mm film won't fit in either of them. The chrome spools and the Auto Winder will both accept film about 31mm wide.

I looked at the different film formats on Wikipedia (Link) and although they do list the the negative image sizes, they don't list the film width dimensions except for a few of the formats in the chart. None of film widths listed are around 30mm-31mm.

So what exactly do I have here? I should be able to reuse the development canister if I get the correct width 35mm spools, and I'm not convinced that the Auto Winder is really necessary. FYI, I have not developed film before, but I have worked with loading/unloading 150' bulk spools of film at a previous job. Thanks.