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New to me Sony A7ii
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2022 2:52 am    Post subject: New to me Sony A7ii Reply with quote

After years of being a Fuji user (and loving it) and amassing a small arsenal of vintage lenses, I decided to take a step up to a full frame mirrorless camera. Not being made of money the new Nikon was out of my league (and probably my skill set), so I decided to go with a Sony. I received the camera a few days ago, but had to wait until today for the Novaflex adapters to show up. I'm still getting used to the new set up, but so far I'm happy! I snapped a few photos with a bunch of different lenses this afternoon with some pretty good initial results. The stand out so far is the Jupiter 9 bubble bokeh! I don't recall being able to coax this extreme bokeh out of the Fuji and speed booster combo, I'm excited to try more lenses!

Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit-R 35mm f2.8 shot @ f4.0

Jupiter 9 85mm f2.0 shot @ f2.0

SMC Takumar 17mm Fisheye shot @ f4.0

PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2022 12:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good for you!

Full frame seems to be a little easier for me to get the best out of my m/f lenses.
I'm still learning all the bells and whistles on mine.
The sensors of both nikon and sony are very likely the same sony manufacturer.
It would be nice to find direct confirmation on this for my particular camera.
IIRC it has been confirmed for the D-700...