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Forum Central  
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Official News and Announcements

About this forum, our websites, and the world of photography
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Contests and Special Events

Our photo contests and meetings; info on interesting events (camera fairs, shows, et c.)
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Manual Focus Lenses

Discuss use, characteristics, history of manual lenses. Post here lens sample photos

Sub-Forums: No new postsLENSES-STICKY No new postsCine lenses
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Film Companies and Products

Learn and talk about the surviving film products companies and how important it is to keep them alive.
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Film SLR / TLR Cameras

Discussions about film reflex cameras of the past and of today
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Film Rangefinder / Viewfinder Cameras

Discussion about rangefinder and viewfinder film cameras
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Large Format LF

Everything about LF large format film
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Developing and printing your films
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Digital SLR Cameras

Discuss digital reflex cameras and their use with manual focus lenses
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Digital Rangefinder / Viewfinder Cameras

Discussion about rangefinder and viewfinder digital cameras
Sub-Forums: No new postsMicro Four Thirds (Micro 4/3) Cameras No new postsSony-NEX No new postsSamsung-NX
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Digital Darkroom

RAW Developing, Post-Processing, computer prints, et c.
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DSLR Movies

Use of manual focus lenses, accessories, software, in digital reflex movies
Accessories and Care  
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Do it yourself forum for photographic things.
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Adapters and other accessories

Discuss cards, adapters, flashes, light meters, tripods, scanners, monitors, et c. - and their use
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Equipment Care and Repairs

How to keep your tools in shape and repair them
Buy, Sell and Trade  
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Buy,sell, trade here.
Sub-Forums: No new postsMP-STICKY No new postsWanted items No new postsTrade No new postsAuctions No new postsLens sales No new postsCamera sales No new postsAccessory sales No new postsFinished transactions
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Buyer Sources

Recommend and not-recommended sellers
MF Galleries  
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Digital Gallery MF

Your manual focus artworks with digital cameras or computer-edited supports

Sub-Forum: No new postsGALLERIES-READ!!
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Slide Film Gallery

Your photographic artworks with slide film
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Colour Film Gallery

Your photographic artworks with colour negative film
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B&W Film Gallery

Your photographic artworks with B&W film (no digital colour-to-greyscale conversions)
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Oversized Gallery

Please link your large MF images of any kind here (above 900px wide)
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C&C Gallery

Post your work here if you would like to receive honest C&C, be prepared for negative C&C as well
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Equipment Gallery

Please put here pictures of your gear, cameras, lenses et c.
Special Galleries  
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Best of Fixed Lens Cameras Gallery

One thread for every fixed lens camera model, publish only your best pictures with it, on any medium (digital or film)
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'Best of Lenses' Gallery

One thread for every lens model, publish only your best pictures with it, on any medium (digital or film)
AF Section  
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Autofocus Corner

This is the place for autofocus users to post AF pictures (of any size) and talk about all things AF
The World of Photography  
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Discuss photography-related techniques (e.g. shooting techniques, lighting, et c.)
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Art Talk

Aesthetical discussions and choices; talk about photographers, books, exhibitions et c.
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Post manuals, flyers, articles etc here.
Sub-Forum: No new postsHistory
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Links of photographic interest