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Testing a LOANED PETRI Rangefinder
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 8:07 pm    Post subject: Testing a LOANED PETRI Rangefinder Reply with quote

i get to 'test' many cameras bought in Car Boot Sales by a fellow Camera Club Member who does only 'Digital' but buys 'Film Cameras'!
Here are results of a PETRI Rangefinder + 'Orikkor' 45mm f2.8 lens loaded with outdated KB200 film cut from a bulk given from my Deceased Great Friend dated in the 1990's , rated 125 ASA and processed in ID11 1+1 for 10 mins @ 22oC Lens is amazingly sharp.
I used the 1/300th most of the time and metered as if it was 1/200th . In bright Sun got between f8-11 but some were at f5.6 and one at f4
Between f8-f11



The RANGEFINDER was OUT so all were 'Guessed' Focus Distances