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Certo dollina ii rangefinder questions
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:53 pm    Post subject: Certo dollina ii rangefinder questions Reply with quote

I picked up on of these on a whim for a very low price (22 dollars all in) estate sale, as is looked quite dirty. After a bit of isopropyl, armour all and elbow grease it cleaned up nicely. The rangefinder is dim, but works, shutter seems to fire properly at all speeds. Bellow was in excellent shape. The spring for opening is quite aggressive and the bellows pops out abruptly! Fitted with the Steinheil Cassar 5cm 2.9 which was hazy but cleaned up nicely. A couple of things though. The socket for the tripod has the larger thread but is open into the camera. Seems it should have something blocking light from entering? The other thing is I don't understand the slider and buttons on the rangefinder. The coupled rangefinder knob (on the top) seems to work properly. But on the side away from the bellows button there is a slider and a button (the left side in the attached photo. I can't figure out what they do.