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Konica C35 AF2 disassembled
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:06 pm    Post subject: Konica C35 AF2 disassembled Reply with quote

The second autofocus Konica from the 1970s has a plastic and someway clumsy body. But i's impressive to find inside it quite a complex machinery made mostly of metal that looks like a large clockwork mechanisme.


Once I disassembled a non-working Ricoh FF-2, it was mostly plastic inside. I made several shots that I lost somewhere in my folders.


A P&S Canon from the mid-2000s looked a way "easier" when I took off its magnesium shell. Sure, its "easiness" is due to the electronic plate with a small processor and all the stuff. The compactness was married with the plastic of focusing mechanism, surely made to cut the production costs and the durability of that cameras destined to replacement every 5-6 years. I did not take any shots of its disassembly, that was a pure curiosity.


While those Konicas were still crafted to serve long. But... It's a pity that many of them are out of order today, maybe even more often than their plastic successors. This one was also broken. And I disassembled it for the lens.


So, sorry, no repair section.

Now I should understand how the lens may be adapted to digital!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Subscribed Like 1 . I love this stuff.

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Thank you, fellows!