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Oray-Higon 135mm f2.8 (Ito Kogaku?)
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

D1N0 wrote:
Still waiting for my adapter which is lying about somewhere at Schiphol. Meanwhile I found out it is also found in m42 as Revuenon-special

according to Pentaxforums it is a Mamiya-Sekor lens. https://www.pentaxforums.com/userreviews/revuenon-special-135-f2-8.html

I doubt the two lenses shown are the same though. The Revuenon special isn't rare at all. Plenty on ebay for around 40 euro's. So it seems the rarity of this lens lies in its name ring.

hmm well the revuenon has a 55mm filter thread and the Lentar and Oray Higon 58mm thread. So different after all. But body and markings are alike. So I think the manufacturer of the lens may be the same. There is also a Pentor and Revuenon-special 35mm F2.8 that is supposed to be the same as a mamiya-sekor lens, that has a similar exterior design.

Pentor and Revuenon also have similar 135 2.8's like the one in the quoted posts. So thats two links to mamiya now. But I don't know if Mamiya made there slr lenses in house.... The use of orange could also be pointing to Chinon.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nov 07,2018
NLAMSA, NL Departed from Local Distribution Center
Nov 06,2018
AMSTERDAM, NL Arrived in country
Oct 22,2018
Schiphol, NL Flight landed in destination country

After two weeks at the airport there seems to be some action. All for a small ring with three screws.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Adapter arrived. Fits snug around the bottom part of the exakta mount. But there is some space between the exakta flange and K-mount. The lens will focus from about 1.8m to about 5m. Macro extenders will make it more useful for closer work. It will be fine for portrait in the range it covers.

Oray-Higon 135mm F2.8 EXA by The lens profile, on Flickr

wide open.

And with more distant background
More distant background bokeh by The lens profile, on Flickr

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 1:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The close focussing distance of the lens is pretty useless for close up work (2.5m) so I put it on a 3cm tube:

3cm tube by The lens profile, on Flickr

3cm tube by The lens profile, on Flickr

3cm tube by The lens profile, on Flickr

I have created a flickr group for this brand in the hope some more info will come loose.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This cat I shot using a .45 diopter attachment lens for the SMC Pentax 85-210mm F4.5 which has the same filter thread.
Cat profile by The lens profile, on Flickr