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[SOLD] Minolta MC/MD Monocular Lens Converter
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:08 am    Post subject: [SOLD] Minolta MC/MD Monocular Lens Converter Reply with quote

SOLD! (to miran)


Location: Germany
Shipping: worldwide (5€ within Germany, 10€ worldwide)

(If you make me an offer, mention your username. I rather sell to someone who knows what they're buying than the sort of brainless moron one sometimes has to deal with on ebay, so forum members get a bit of a discount.)

Here are all my current photo-related ebay-sales, I'll happily make bundle prices and try to minimise shipping costs.

I don't have much use for it myself but it's a useful little for thing for the right person.
It turns any Minolta MC/MD lens (or any lens you can adapt to Minolta MC/MD) into a monocular.
There is a prism inside, so the image isn't upside down. I couldn't find detailed specs but the field of view is quite wide, similar to some high-quality telescope oculars I've had my hands/eyes on.

The focal length of the ocular is ~10mm, so the magnification is equal to the focal length in cm of the attached lens (e.g. 50mm -> 5x, 300mm -> 30x).

More info: https://www.pacificrimcamera.com/rl/00052/00052.pdf (page 14)