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Voigtlander Vito Automatic 1
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 5:31 am    Post subject: Voigtlander Vito Automatic 1 Reply with quote

I picked up a Voightlander Vito Automatic 1 today. It was VERY dirty and has one mechanical issue: the aperture blades are lacklusterly responsive.

I cleaned it up, and it looks box-new, except a small ding on the back. The lens is sharp and dirt-, fungus- and haze-free. The film advance works great, but there's a small something rattling around in the lens. I suspect it is part of a spring. The aperture blades are oil-free, but respond poorly, if at all. I suspect the aperture control spring has broken.

I've never disassembled a rangefinder camera before. How difficult will this be? How likely am I to ruin the camera?