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Rollei 6006 Scan
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 10:22 pm    Post subject: Rollei 6006 Scan Reply with quote

I did a quick scan from the Rollei 6006 that I let go of last year.

Based on results from the V700, the trannies from the Rollei are miles ahead of what I'm currently getting from the Mamiya RB67 trannies.

That may be my technique - OR - it may be a product of Orio and F16sunshine's views that 6x7 isn't agreeing with me in some way.

Now that you have me thinking, here are some quick thoughts about the Rollei scan.

Rollei is an easier to use camera, even on a tripod, so that may have a factor in spontaneity.

For some reason, and it probably doesn't make sense since the camera BODY should not be a factor - but the automatic scans from the V700 come out much better. Shocked

I seem to have a propensity to do better with a square image?

Perhaps the Planar lens is "that much better" than the Mamiya lenses?

I feel that the bokeh is DEFINITELY better with the Planar.

The BIGGEST factor though, is that I didn't have to "fool around" with the Rollei as much as the Mamiya...and this could result in the spontaneity mentioned above.

The Yashica Mat was better yet in terms of spontaneity. I'll add some Yashica Mat scans to this post.

It just seems to "jump" more than the Mamiya RB67, although in fairness I haven't taken very many shots with the Mamiya + Extension tubes.

There is a bit of "grain" from the scanner, but not as bad as the recent RB67 shots (with the same film!?!?).

Rollei 6006
Zeiss Planar 80mm with 42mm extender
Exposure not recorded
Provia 100F

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

While the image is gorgeous I never experienced so huge grain from a provia slide. There should be some problems in your scanning workflow or maybe your lab developed these slides so bad (strange because C41 process is pretty completely automated).

This is Provia 400 for example (and it should be grainer):