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(posts by Esox lucius)

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LENSES-STICKY Voigtlnder SL APO Lanthar serial numbers production volumes Esox lucius 10 Quality
Contests and Special Events Portrait Contest Esox lucius 7 Worth a look
'Best of Lenses' Gallery Voigtlnder SL Macro APO Lanthar 125/2.5 Nikon F Esox lucius 2 Acknowledged
Techniques 1910 Vest Pocket Kodak strobist studio portrait shoot Esox lucius 2 Acknowledged
Slide Film Gallery Mxico 2010 - Velvia 50 & 100 Esox lucius 2 Acknowledged
Manual Focus Lenses APO-Telyt-R 180/3.4 vs. APO-Lanthar 180/4 Esox lucius 1 Acknowledged
Old Marketplace (closed) WTT Voightlander 125mm 2.5 APO for CY Carl Zeiss 15mm Esox lucius 1 Acknowledged