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P645 Achilles Heel
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:30 am    Post subject: P645 Achilles Heel Reply with quote

My Pentax 645 experienced battery clip shatter. Everything has been fine till this last time, power just went... so I suspected I needed new AA batteries. But when I ejected the clip it was shattered, the plastic in small pieces on a good part of the clip.

OK, there must be plenty of spare parts out in the world. Only, No.

Turns out the 3 ways to get a new battery clip 1) buy another body with a good clip 2) buy a grip with a good clip 3) buy the remote battery holder with a good clip. None are exactly cheap options.

I'll see about using two 3-battery holders lashed together as a power source. Unlikely to fit the grip gracefully, so perhaps via a remote battery holder.

Also, are there things one can do to reinforce the plastic (gaffer's tape? Glue?) so it won't shatter?

Sadly, without the batteries the P645 is essentially inoperative.