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Lens distorsion and paintings...
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:32 am    Post subject: Lens distorsion and paintings... Reply with quote

Even in museum, let's track some lens distorsions.

Let me explain : in the XVII th century, painters used "camera obscura" to draw the first sketch. It is a box, with a lens on a hole, the image forming in the rear of the box.
As you can imagine, perfect lenses were not archived at those time. And even in that case, it was mono-lens "objective" that were used. (Aspherical what ?? Smile )
There were a wide spread thesis, assessing that the image obtained through the "camera obscura" was the Truth, and has not to be questionned. So, many painters used that technique to draw sketches before painting over.

Let's track it.
For a start, just focus on the cathedral's interior in Netherlands, where distorsions are easy to spot.