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Kodak Retina Close Up Lens set for Tele Xenar
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:09 pm    Post subject: Kodak Retina Close Up Lens set for Tele Xenar Reply with quote

Kodak Retina Close Up Lenses T I and T II 60 (58mm thread)

I have a pair of Kodak T close up lenses originally meant to be used with the 135 Retina Tele Xenar to allow a more practical close focusing limit. Although designated 'T1 60' and 'T2 60' they're actually normal 58mm thread and are useful for extending the range of any 135 and 200 lenses that only get down to 1.75meters/5 feet or even further away. They are 'fractional diopter' lenses and going by their weight and thickness I suspect they're achromatic doublets. Both perfectly clean in the original boxes.

Price for the pair GBP 15 plus shipping at actual cost. Paypal welcome, or any other send-able spend-able method of payment.