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Industar-69 on my NX5
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:24 am    Post subject: Industar-69 on my NX5 Reply with quote

I found this little lens on eBay for "not a lot", looking a little scruffy, but the optics are fine, the focus and aperture free and smooth and suitably modified it works almost like it was designed for the camera Smile

Brief initial comparisons show it's on a par with my Orion-15 when both set at f/8, but it has the advantage of having an extra 3 stops of aperture and protruding from the camera for about a third of the distance!

The removal of the focussing stops and internal "lip" to allow infinity focussing are well documented, but a feature I didn't find mentioned elsewhere was the fact that the focus is a multi-start helix, not a single start screw, and by choosing the appropriate start point I can get both the focussing scale and the aperture index to line up correctly. Being a bit "old school" I find accurate focussing and depth of field scales to be very useful if shooting "off the hip".

The sample image shows the characteristic flaring with bright light that the I-69 is noted for, but the shadow detail is quite good!

A subsequent rummage in my toy-box has revealed a Hoya 22.5mm screw-in lens hood that looks perfect for the job, maybe it'll help tame that flaring a bit Smile

Quick update : a rear lens-cap from a Contax/Yashica 2x converter acts as a perfectly-fitting push-on lens cap for the I-69 when mounted on my camera Smile

PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Glowy like mine. I've seen some lovely contrasty images with this lens. Mine are sharp but have the glow.