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Flirty cat
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:33 pm    Post subject: Flirty cat Reply with quote

She was a flirty cat in heat who was pestering the lives of people with her callings of love. All male cats in the neighborhood were interested in knowing the attributes of that girl. Laugh 1
Then I had a "bright" idea. Maybe a good flash of light could cool the tempers of the feline lover. I was not successful in the main objective of scaring the cat, but the photos were interesting IMHO. I only regret that I did not use the RAW format, which would allow better correction of the underexposure.

One of the beauties of the modern AF cameras is that the focus was satisfactory despite the use of focal length of 477mm eq in complete darkness! The strange effect on cat's eyes is due to reflection of the flash light by the retina of the eyes.

The second photo was taken in dim light but without flash. The equivalent focal length is 600mm and shutter speed is 1/45s. Kudos for the AF and image stabilization of the Panasonic FZ200!