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Fixing a X-A1 Fuji camera
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:39 am    Post subject: Fixing a X-A1 Fuji camera Reply with quote

The Fuji X-A1 was one of the first begginer entry cameras from Fuji, in the CSC line. Inside the same physical body, Fuji built two models, the X-A1 and the X-M1, implementing a Bayer sensor the former and a X-Trans sensor the later. Otherwise identicals in everything, so the repair/disassembly guides are identical. Both cameras have proven to be good for MF lensing.

This specific camera was dropped from 1m high. Although it powered up normally, the behavior was erratic, as if someone were pushing the buttons all the time, rendering the camera unusable.

That could point to a mechanical problem inside the button pannel. Then a disassembly was needed to access there.

I always do a sketch of the camera, showing the places where the screws are located. This is to ensure every screw comes back to the same place when reassembled.

(Besides the screws indicated in the sketch, at the end I had to remove two additional ones, the ones around the tripod mount.

Removing the screws:

Some are hidding under the leatherette cover, as is shown in the sketch:

I place the screws on top of the sketch, to know the location afterwards.

It's necessary to remove the two screws behind the LCD screen:

and then removing the plastic cover that is under the LCD. It's thin, so be careful when removing it. Has to be glued back in place afterwards.

If not alredy done, remove the screws under the leatherette:

The only mechanical link between the back cover (where the button pannel is located) and the camera body is a small, thin flat cable.
It has to be disconnected, by gently pulling it.

Then remove the back plastic cover. The LCD has to pass through it. Not easy but feasible. Be careful.

And we can see and reach the flat cable that joins the back cover with the body.

At a first look, the cable seems to be damaged. There is a fold that is too sharp. Looking with a magnifying glass, I saw two tracks broken, so this may justify the behavior.

To reach the other end of the flat cable, some more disassembly is needed: First remove the loudspeaker from the left side of the camera. (It will have to be glued back when reassembling, use a thin double side adhesive tape).

Remove the two screws that lock the metal plate to the body:

Then slightly lift the metal plate. To remove it completely it would be necessary to further disassembly all the LCD stuff, and it's a lot of additional work, so work with care and do not pull up too much the plate.

Remove the other end of the flat cable, by gently pulling it.

To ensure the cable was the only problem, I replaced it with a spare one (much longer) that I had handy:

Good luck, the camera behaves correctly after the cable replacement:

Just ordering a shorter cable to replace the damaged one and reassembly in the back order.

Many thanks to my colleague JGV (Jordi G Varias) who did me a generous offer to provide the camera.

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Thank you!

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visualopsins wrote:
Thank you!

You are welcome!.