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First Cibachrome prints 1975
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:08 pm    Post subject: First Cibachrome prints 1975 Reply with quote

These are my first three Cibachrome prints. I got the kit in April 1975 brought over by a guy from New York, it wasn't out in UK at that time.

Two of these are shot on Agfa CT18, the crooked house was possibly Kodachrome. The recommended (on the pack for Agfa film) filtration was Y50, just that. One exposure test needed per pack of papers, the filtration was spot on. You developed at 20 (give or take) it was the best system for colour in my mind. And by far the easiest - as easy as B&W, you could even dodge and burn without upsetting the colour balance.
Only the brave would attempt colour neg or Kodak's Ektaprint reversal papers.

The 8x10 inch prints have been around a bit, printed in July 1975 they have survived 4 house moves and a divorce. The colours are fabulous, as good as the day I printed them.

A self portrait. Skinny me!!

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The second is terrific, and the last is sexy - hehehe
(when we were young and our heart were an open book... - or something like that)



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Yeah, they used to say live and let live.

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Good thread - deserves a CybaChrome music:


Cool Cool Cool