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Fashion black wallpaper
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 4:24 am    Post subject: Fashion black wallpaper Reply with quote

As opposed to a white wallpaper, black - dark colors in the palette of man - represent the mystical world and death. It is the color of style, the Gothic praise and a majority in the wardrobe of many.
Was one of the first color used to paint paintings Neolithic caves, black in the culture of the Roman Empire is the color of mourning.
Over many centuries, the black wallpaper is still considered relevant to the death, evil, witchcraft and magic. In the 14th century, the royal family, clergy, judges and government officials in Europe started a black area, then it becomes common to coat color world British romantic poet, entrepreneur and major other 19th century.
Until the 20th century, it became the color of high fashion. Currently, it still carries symbolic meaning for mourning, the end, the mystery, violence, evil forces, power and elegance.
Gareth Pugh from, Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo Ann Demeulemeester to have denied his creativity submerged in black. Grace Coddington color rarely wear anything else! In the fashion world, black is immortal. Is a powerful source of inspiration, black are always subject to be around by the analysis is very interesting. Many times we are approached fashion and art through the quotes and famous for black.
"Black is not sad. The new bright colors are the colors made me uncomfortable. We too ... empty. Poetic black. You imagine how a poem? In a yellow jacket it? Certainly not "- Ann Demeulemeester.
"You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You almost can wear it in any event "- Christian Dior. "The women who wear black are the colorful live life" - Neiman Marcus. "There's something about black. You feel you are hiding in it "- Georgia O'Keeffe. "I've always explored absorbed during 40 years that the Queen's colors are black" - Pierre-Auguste Renoir. "I work in 3 black tones" - Rei Kawakubo. "I'll stop wearing black if they invent a darker color" - Wednesday Addams. "Black has just arrogant humility. Black is the lazy and easygoing - but mystery. But above all, black sure: I do not bother you - do not bother me "- Yohji Yamamoto.
"I love black because it asserts, anonymous design and style. A woman with a black dress is definition of lead paint "- Yves Saint Laurent.
There are many interesting things about our black awaiting discovery, let's update the latest and beautiful 3d wallpaper, we will help you get the wallpaper really nice and impressive!

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Like 1 small Like 1 small Like 1 small I use it for flowers a lot

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mo wrote:
I think this may be some spam.

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