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"EasyPix" film - who makes it?
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:44 am    Post subject: "EasyPix" film - who makes it? Reply with quote

This is a "chemist's own" type brand of consumer-level colour film, manufactured for the photo processing arm (also called EasyPix) of Shoppers' Drug Mart in Canada - I have ISO 200 and ISO 400 examples, with "develop-by" dates in June to August of this year (2015) - some just gone and some just about to, so almost certainly still quite usable. I bought all they had because it was going dirt cheap (at least relative to the brand-name Fuji they had).

The film is described as being made in Japan. Does anyone know by whom?

I will report back once I have the first developed roll in hand and can assess results.

I felt the lab did a reasonable job with the Kodak colour film I gave them, although given that I haven't had a roll of colour film processed in almost eight years, I might not be the best judge of that!