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Double Test -- Camera and Lens
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PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2012 12:25 am    Post subject: Double Test -- Camera and Lens Reply with quote

Last weekend I got my Pentax H3V back from Pentaxs.com. I bought it broken to see how he handles repairs because I had no emotional connection to it about 10 Pentax cameras needing (or just that would benefit from) CLAs. So about 48 seconds after I pulled it out of the box, I had it loaded with some Foma 400 and a lens.

I picked up a Focal 80-200mm lens with a macro adjustment last summer for about $15. I listed it twice on eBay with no luck. Spoiler alert: I'm glad no one bought it and it won't be going back up. Sure, it's heavy enough to tenderize stone and long enough to flatten a large pizza, but the image quality turned out to be something else. This is not a lens with a macro function that one accesses by turning the focus a bit further. This lens has a separate, third macro ring that goes down to 1:4 and works across the focal range (though it's best at 160-200.)

So here are some samples.


On the macro setting, wide open (and maybe stopped down one or two), everything outside the focal plane swirls like spaghetti in a zealous eater's fork.


Not in macro mode, the bokeh takes on a smooth, uniform, and somewhat abrupt characteristic.


This is 400 ISO film and I mostly guessed at the settings for half the roll. (Taking meter readings off a running dog isn't easy.) And this lens transmitted light well enough that the fur comes through clearly and with very minimal grain.


Here, stopped down to f5.6, I think, the background stays swirly and my dog melts into it like a pepperoni into a double-cheese pizza. Can you tell it's dinner time and I'm craving Italian food?


I love this lens, but not the weight. My wrist hurt all night after using this thing. It's the 67mm glass on the front. And all the glass in the middle. And the all-metal construction. I'm going to try this with color film soon and see how it responds on a different media. Then a digital test. I'll do those after my wrist finishes healing. Smile

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