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PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:37 pm    Post subject: CALENDAR 2009 CONTEST Reply with quote

The Calendar 2009 Contest is open.

Quick overview of the rules:

1) Manual focus lenses photos only

2) Photos can be posted as small JPGs but must be available in good resolution in case of printing

3) Winners will be requested a small photo of the lens also

4) Moderate postwork allowed, but lens nature must be recognizeable: e.g andy warhol like posterization is not accepted (but if you like we can make a different contest for that)

5) photos must be taken in year 2008 in the same month for which they will be submitted. Only exception is December for which you will submit photos taken now, Dec. 2007

6) please nametag photos so that they are easily listed and voted. If your name is Bruno, a good naming could be Bruno_Dec_01 , etc...

7) a maximum of 10 photos per month is allowed to each member. There are minimum requirements also. In order for his pictures to be eligible, a member must have submitted a minimum of 12 pictures spread over a minimum of 4 different months.

8 ) each member will vote three pictures of choice for each month, in preference order. First picture gets 3 points, second gets 2 points, third gets 1 point. A member can not vote for his own photos.

9) the voting system is cumulative. If user X for February has posted 10 photos, and 6 photos get a vote, user X gets the total of the votes. If he has the higher sum, his photo with the more votes will be picked.

10) only one photo per member will be published. This means that if a member should win in more than one month, he will have to choose one and give up the others.

11) if partecipants are less than 12, then the members with the higher total votes will get a second picture until the number of 12 is released.

12) A front cover and back cover photos will also be voted, with separate polls, choosing amongst the whole of pictures posted by everyone. For these polls too, each member will indicate three choices in preference order. No cumulative vote for the covers! The pictures with the higher votes will simply win. In case of draw, a tiebreaker poll will be held. IN case the cover photos also win in one of the months, the cover take priority, and the month will feature the second photo by the same member, compatibly with the previously exposed rules. The covers are not subject to the limit of one photo per member only. This means that if a member has won in one month, and also for one of the covers, he will get both. It is not allowed, however, for a member to have both front and back cover. He will have to choose one.

That's all (I think), good contest.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Orio - thanks for your efforts with last years. Choosing shots to vote for wasn't easythere were so many good entries. I shall have to make the effort to take part in this years.