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A couple more folders.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2021 6:02 am    Post subject: A couple more folders. Reply with quote

Franka "Rolfix"

Sort of jumped at this one over it's lens.

Schneider Radionar with Prontor-S shutter.
There is some fungus spotting on the rear element on the side that faces the shutter.
I will have to come up with a spanner to get it off and cleaned.
By eye, from the back of the camera, the center is mostly clear.
I have started on a roll of FP-4 Plus as a test, just to see how the camera does.
The mask for 6 X 6 did not come with it, so all will be shot 6 X 9.
There's a bit more lee-way to shutter speeds with this one, and a slightly faster aperture than the Braun Norca discussed else-where on this page.
Shutter seems snappy and fast. Aperture blades appear clean and dry.

Kodak Jiffy Six-16.

High cool factor on the front plate.

Unfortunately, it is not a 120 folder. It takes 616 film, which is approximately 1/4" wider than 120.
Interestingly enough, the take-up 616 spool left in it is plastic.

A very basic camera with a single leaf shutter, and simplistic aperture slide with 3 holes.
The shutter lever trips the shutter and tensions the spring all in one motion.
There is no release button on the body, or provision for cable releasing.
Setting the shutter to the "T" setting locks it open.


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