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35mm f1.9 from 50mm + Sony 0.7x HG0737Y
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2022 1:13 pm    Post subject: 35mm f1.9 from 50mm + Sony 0.7x HG0737Y Reply with quote

The Sony HG0737Y is a 4 element, 37mm thread 0.7x wide converter.

The manual copyright date is 2005, and it says it's
designed for use with the Sony video camera recorder (referred to below as “camera”) whose filter is 37 mm in diameter.

Having looked at a few of these to make a little spreadsheet of wide converters, the language used here in Sony manuals can sometimes change. Wide converters like the VCL-DH0774 meant for the DSC-H7/DSC-H9, can have
designed for a 74 mm filter Sony digital still camera (referred to below as “camera”)
written instead. Either way I'm still going to put them on my camera...

The history of quality Sony 37mm filter thread wide converters for camcorders/cameras looks alittle like this. Starting with the HG0737 introduced around 1999, 4 elements in 3 groups, then the HG0737X in 2001 with different dimensions but same element count, then this HG0737Y in 2005 with same element count and again different dimensions. There is a HG0737C in 2007, but this went down to 3 elements, and is a little more compact.
After this comes the shortest of the 4 element bunch, the HGA07, in 2009, followed up finally(?) by a shorter 4 element HGA07B in 2010, that is only 0.75x.

I own the HG0737 and the HG0737Y. The HG0737Y is much less prone to flare (darker blackening of lens elements), and has less distortion, but does not go as wide as the HG0737- it is longer and slightly narrower. This is not necessarily of concern on a 50mm lens.


As you can see I'm using a 0.71x focal reducer so it is not exactly 35mm full frame equivalent.

What's important is my Auto Chinon 50mm f1.9 has a recessed front element, which has influenced optical vignetting in these results. Your mileage may vary.

You might point out that both vignetting and sharpness should be okay, because these converters were meant to take the moderately wide end of a camcorder (37-41mm~) to something like 28mm. So starting at 50mm should be safe, right? Well, we shall find out...

You can also look at a camcorder forum for info on them being used- here ordered from the first reference https://www.dvinfo.net/forum/threadloom.php?query=HG0737Y&sort=date&tab=4000&page=10


One of the points I'd make here is you can get a very vintage fast 35mm look inexpensively. Look at some pictures out of a Canon 35mm f1.8 LTM. If anything, the bokeh is smoother on mine.

All of these were shot wide open. First two camera JPEGs on Vivid + tweaking, rest processed RAWs. All compressed with pinga GUI (at full resolution)

Best to click on the images and then click "download original image" if you want to view them at 100%- postimage can be annoying in redirecting you away from viewing the full image in a new tab.

Close ups are a real strength, wild bokeh can be shown:

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